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anonymous_lips's Journal

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Welcome to Anonymous_lips!
A community for all of those letters you REALLY want to send, but just... can't.


write a letter to one of the following;;;
A. The moon
B. A soldier in Iraq
C. A young child;;telling them what to expect later in life (experiences, etc..)
this will be the theme for the next week or so =)
you dont have to do it.. but it would be fun =D

Have you ever wished you could tell someone exactly what's on your mind? You don't, because even if you are angry or hurt or sad you can't really tell them how you feel. You might hurt their feelings. Or lose their friendship. Or lose your job, if the person you're telling off happens to be your boss. Maybe the person you wish you could communicate your feelings to isn't alive anymore. Or maybe you're not even dealing with a person. Maybe you're having some real issues with that tree outside of your house that is blocking your view into your cute nextdoor neighbors window

What if I told you there is a way and you can "say" what's on your mind without risking a friendship, a job, or abandonment? What if that way is as simple as putting your pen to the page? Anonymous_lips is a form of journal therapy that allows you to have your say while not needing to have your words reach the addresse. The idea behind this form of journaling is that the act of writing the letter is cathartic in and of itself. Writing out your feelings allows you to have closure with another or a situation without needing to cause damage.

some possible unset letters may be:
-to your mom
-to your body
-to that damn tree
-to the sky
-to god
-to your unborn baby
-to your crush
-to the future love of your life
-to your brother/sister
-to your teacher
-a soldier in iraq
-your favorite drug
...the list is on going

Now, all you need to do is start writing those letters!!

-No promoting of any other communities will be tolerated.
-No bashing other members.
-If you dont have something nice to say, dont say anything at all.
-Have fun

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