Leander (laguz_godin) wrote in anonymous_lips,

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I'm really sad about being off-limits. I know why and it makes sense, seeing as your my sisters best friend, but I'm really sad about it.
I know none of you get me, the gender stuff, and the fact that my name is different, even though it wasn't different this weekend you have to know I go by the other name to everyone else except for my blood-family.
You seemed to get me, you seem like you get me.
I've had a thing for you for almost ten years.
I don't know when you began returning my feelings or when you began feeling something for me.
I've liked you, loved you even, for almost ten years. I wish, I wish so much you could be in my life in that way.
You wouldn't be off-limits to me or for me and it makes me said that no part of me will ever actually be yours in that way and that no part of you will ever be mine.

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