Tubby Muffin (generation_love) wrote in anonymous_lips,
Tubby Muffin


"Everyone winds up kissing the wrong person goodnight."

I hate to know how true that really is. I want you more than anything, but I keep flirting with your friends. I know you're probably extremely confused... and maybe I'm beginning to look like a slut. I refuse to be passed around your circle of friends, so I'm going to try and stay away from Brett and Kyle. (mainly Kyle.) I think he's going to end up ruining any chances of you and I dating... I know you would never hurt another friend just to make yourself happy. Maybe once we move in together and we spend most of your time together, you'll fall for me the way I fell for you.

You're gorgeous in every way, I hope you see that too.

Apparently I spoke to soon... I'm so excited we're dating now. I hope you feel the same way I do. I want you to know that even if this doesn't work out between us, we'll still be okay. I know it's weird moving in together before we dated, but hopefully it will work out.

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