Tubby Muffin (generation_love) wrote in anonymous_lips,
Tubby Muffin


I don't need you... but it still hurts. Yeah, we were "best friends" through out highschool, yet I hear about you talking shit. I never said anything though, I was that desperate for "good" friends. I feel so dumb now. Why do I care that you took me off your top friends on myspace? I know I shouldn't, so maybe I won't care anymore.

Yeah right. My only true friend is leaving for Florida on October 1st. Who will I have left? Maybe there is no point in trying, I'm so sad. I can't decide what I want.. a group of fake ass friends, or no one? Truthfully, I know that not having anyone is better than allowing myself to get hurt over and over. Katie, you and all of your friends are toxic... I know this. You are the reason highschool sucked for me. You never talked to me when I was fat, but once I lost enough weight that I was "chubby", you used me. I was your fat friend... I'm prettier than you though, I know it. I'm curvy, and I like that. Your bitch ass boyfriend is cheating on you too.

I feel better :c)
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